123 bingo online is undoubtedly one of the best loved US online bingo sites and with good reason. This top notch bingo site offers a wide range of excellent games, bonuses, prizes and promotional events all backed up by prompt, friendly and professional service and support. However, as most loyal fans will tell you it’s 123’s prizes and bonuses which clinch the deal every time so let’s take a closer look at this specific area of 123 bingo online.

Signing Up

New registrations with 123bingoonline receive a $25 free welcome bingo bonus and a HUGE 600% first deposit bonus which means if you were to register and deposit $50 you would effectively receive $325 free from 123bingoonline. That is a very handy windfall to get to know the site, its games and features or even acquaint yourself with bingo if you are new to the game. And all this is without having to touch your own funds.


123bingoonline.com runs a series of really great raffles that run on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and feature some great prizes. Here are the details of these raffles.

Daily Raffles

The 123 Bingo Online daily raffles feature different prize amounts and minimum deposit amounts as listed below:

  • Monday – Prize $700 – Min. Deposit $60
  • Tuesday – Prize $600 – Min. Deposit $55
  • Wednesday – Prize $500 – Min. Deposit $50
  • Thursday – Prize $500 – Min. Deposit $50
  • Friday – Prize $1,000 – Min. Deposit $75
  • Saturday – Prize $555 – Min. Deposit $55
  • Sunday – Prize $700 – Min. Deposit $70

$5,000 Weekly Raffles

Every Thursday to Wednesday throughout June 123 bingoonline is running a weekly raffle which requires a $100 minimum deposit and featuring the following prizes – 1st Prize $600, 2nd Prize $400, 3rd Prize $250. These raffles will run weekly between Thursday and Wednesday starting on June the 1st.

$10,000 Mega Raffle

All deposits of $100 and above in June will get you automatic entry into the June Mega Raffle with $10,000 of prizes on offer with a deposit of $150 getting you 2 entries and $250 raking in 5 entries. The random draw is on the 1st of July and the 4 prizes are as follows:

  • 1st Prize – $4,000
  • 2nd Prize – $3,000
  • 3rd Prize – $2,000
  • 4th Prize – $1,000

This raffle is limited to 2,000 entries so get in on the action now.

Bingo Bounty

The Bingo Bounty promotion features a number of pre-set pattern games that carry impressive prizes ranging from hundreds of bonus points to cash prizes such as the $735 Summer Vault game and the Sunny Surprise $100 guaranteed game. In addition to these great bingo prizes there are several featured Slots games with thousands of dollars in combined prizes up for grabs. And don’t forget about the loyalty program of 123 Bingoonline where you can earn yourself mega bonus bucks.

For more details of the other great bonuses and prizes on offer at 123 Bingo Online log on to 123bingoonline.