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Free online and mobile bingo games just keep getting better and better, and Bingo Blast is no exception. If you love playing bingo and want to blast your way to the top, but aren’t that fussed on big jackpots or fancy prizes then Bingo Blast is for you.


This fun and free online bingo game follows the rules of 75 ball bingo. This means you’ll get a card with a 5×5 grid, with the letters B I N G O spelled out across the top, a variation of the numbers 1 to 75 within the squares, and of course a free square in the middle of your card.

To win in Bingo blast, you simply have to get a horizontal or vertical line on your card, or cover all 4 corners to get a bingo. To do this, you simply have to mark off your numbers as they are called, like with any other mobile, online, real money, social or real life bingo game. However there is one twist. If you don’t have the number on your card, you don’t wait for a caller to shout out the next number. Instead, you forward the game yourself, giving you the chance to play at your own pace. In addition, if you get bingo within the time frame of the game (just over 1 minute), you can still forward through numbers until the time is up, giving you the chance to get multiple lines or even a coverall in this exciting take on social bingo.

The more you play the more cards you’ll be able to purchase in each game, so you can start off with one or two cards, but as you get more experienced and want more of a challenge then you can play with multiple cards to increase your chances of winning, building up the collectable items and progressing through to the other levels.


The best strategy would be to make use of the forward button as much as you can. In this sense you control the gameplay and have the ability to ensure that more numbers are called within the allocated timeframe, meaning you’ve got a better chance of winning more bingos.


A good tip would be to make use of multiple cards, but only if you can keep your eyes down. More cards of course means more opportunity to hit bingo, and even more extra prizes like power ups and chests up for grabs.


As far as bingo apps go, Bingo Blast is sleek and fun and fits perfectly on a mobile or tablet device. The card size works well if you’re only opting for 1 or 2 cards per game on your smartphone, but any more than this on a small device will result in scrolling between cards which adds a further element of difficulty to the game.

However overall the design is fun and with plenty of rooms based on different cities throughout the world, you’ll always find something fun and new to look at as you progress through the game.


This online bingo game doesn’t appear to load on a desktop or laptop, meaning it’s a truly mobile social gaming experience. All iOS and Android devices should be able to find and download this app easily, whether a smartphone or tablet. Plus each device can connect the app through Facebook.

You can also connect this game to Facebook, meaning you can play the game on the go wherever you are, whilst linked to your friends. You’ll get free chips just for connecting to social media, plus you can compare scores with friends.

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