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If you are a regular reader here on Online Bingo US, then you will be well aware of our love for the game of online bingo. However, we also enjoy various other casino games as well such as blackjack and slots.

Recently, we read about online gaming casino platform GameCo and its plans to roll out some new skill-based video game machines in Connecticut for the very first time. The release of these games will be in partnership with Foxwoods Resort Casino so we thought we would take a look to see what type of games were on offer.

About GameCo

The company focuses on providing unique entertainment options through their innovative Video Game Gambling Machines (VGM). The organization offers arcade-style cabinets for players to enjoy a range of unique and interesting titles. There is an emphasis on providing games in the racing, FPS, puzzle and sports genres among others.

GameCo understands the challenge in attracting gamers to the casino floor and argue that their VGMs are the natural evolution of the slot machine. They offer a truly state-of-the-art experience with the player’s skill determining the payout so why would you choose to play on VGMs in the first place?

Skill-Based Gaming to Win Big!

If you’ve ever played an online slot machine then you may have an idea as to how these games work. You can spin the reels and form winning combinations to win cash prizes but almost all slot machines are based on chance and probability. With slots and other games such as blackjack and roulette, a player can never overcome the house edge which is why we are so intrigued by GameCo’s VGMs.

The fact that the company is offering skill based games that can be played for money really excites us and some of our readers that are avid gamers could be set to benefit the most. Skill-based slot machine technology could be the next generation of online gambling and even though these game terminals are only available in two states, they could just get the ball rolling for further ways to play skill-based games for money.

What Can You Play?

Not everyone will be able to take a trip to Foxwoods Resort Casino but hopefully, the VGMs are a success and we will see more GameCo terminals popping up in other states fairly soon. Currently, there are a number of exciting online games that can be played for real money and they are based on the skill of the player.

Pharaoh’s Secret Temple – Appealing to the widest audience, Pharaoh’s Secret Temple originally launched in February 2017 and offers players the chance to form matching sets of gems to win cash prizes. It reminds us of the hugely popular Candy Crush and there are awesome boosts and power-up prizes.

Danger Arena –  This will appeal to fans of first person shooter games, Danger Arena offers a return to play which is competitive with traditional slot machines but with a skill-based element. If you want to play an FPS title for money then this is perfect!

Cosmic Candy Heist – A sci-fi game where you join the Secret Service and defend the planet from an alien invasion. There is a cash out option available and players must match puzzle tiles to win big. It looks brilliant and it might just net you a big profit.

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