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One of the main reasons that gambling is so restrictive within the United States is that there exists an opportunity for people to develop a gambling addiction. We’re here to bring you all of the information that you need to be able to play responsibly and enjoy yourself.

What is Responsible Gambling?

The idea behind responsible gambling is to play games in a safe way, without as much cause for concern as more hardcore gaming. There are many tactics that the average player can use to make sure that they don’t take things too far when they play. This reduces the risk of developing an addiction and will help you to manage your finances.

How to Practice Responsible Gambling

To put these ideas into practice when playing online bingo, players can:

  • Monitor the Amount they Spend – Simply taking some time to be aware of how much you’re spending and assessing it can be hugely helpful. Think about how much you feel comfortable with spending and set yourself limits, then you can effectively control how much you gamble.
  • Think about their Relationship with Gambling – If gambling is taking up a significant portion of your life, you should consider taking a break. Think about how you feel when you gamble or how the prospect of taking a break would affect you. Just being aware of these kind of aspects will help you out.
  • Listen to Others – If someone that knows you well has expressed some concern over your gambling habits then this can be a red flag. They’ll only be trying to watch out for you, so you should listen where possible and think about making some changes if you need to.

How to Beat Problem Gambling

If you feel like you’re having trouble with gambling a bit too much on bingo sites then you can:

  • Self-Exclude – This is basically your way of telling a site that you need a break. Players can state what limits they would like to be placed on their account and how long for. Then, they can come back to the site when they’re ready to play a bit more responsibly.
  • Consult an Expert – A professional specialising in problem gambling or a group for addiction can be helpful too. There is a lot of literature out there about the steps leading away from addiction, which you can read through for free. Then, you can apply rules and changes to move away from problem gambling.
  • Limit Yourself – Use time prompts on screen and alarms to limit the time you spend on these sites. When the clock is run down, you should take a break and not go back to them for a set period of time. This is your key to exercising more control.


Gambling addictions can be really serious, so make sure you’re aware of your own spending habits. Just some small changes to your day to day gaming can make a big difference to how you feel about gambling in general, you’re better off being safe than sorry!

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