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Buzzword Bingo is not the name of a game app or online title at all. It’s more like a piece of modern folklore, just as Bingo itself has been for decades. Buzzword bingo is a way to play the basic game using special keywords that one person (who has been selected in advance, unbeknownst to the person) is sure to say and repeat.

Before we go over the implications of this twist on the game, we’ll point out that there is a special relationship between the Web and this land-based, relatively traditional social situation (everybody together in one room). Check out another good bingo site, click here

In two cases, the Web plays a backup role to this form of social fun that is rooted in the ‘real’ world:

  1. First, you can use services online to design and print (or have printed then sent to you) paper bingo cards to use at your friendly event.

  1. Or, you can even use mobile phones or tablets inside the room (if it’s a lecture or meeting, for example) to compete with your conspirators.

More generally, you can use some simple Web searches (particularly image searches) to gather new ideas for your buzzword bingo meetings. Customised bingo cards made with any theme (even rock bands) can be combined with your buzzword alterations.

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Buzzword in a Nutshell

What’s the point to playing this game? Well, like most things, it’s difficult to express the common experiences and thrills that players of buzzword enjoy. But we can say that this is pastime is a bit devilish.

After all, what it is qualifies as a practical joke, and in all such cases, it’s up to the participants to ensure that it stays in good fun. It all depends upon the group that are ‘in’ on what’s happening, and how they all esteem the chosen victim. Learn more about gambling legality here

The victim basically acts and speaks normal because this one is not playing the game. It’s an inside joke (temporarily, we hope) on this subject. As they begin to repeat the pre-chosen ‘buzzword’ or keyword, which is an expression that this person perhaps overuses, then players score their cards.

What’s the Joke?

The climax of your gag is when one player has filled the card correctly, and it’s time to let the cat out of the bag. Everybody by that point, you see, is giggling or having to conceal fits of laughter.

The subject is probably wondering why folks are acting oddly. In some version of this game, the winning ‘Bingo!’ part is replaced by the winner yelling ‘bullshit!’ instead (especially for office meeting lecturers).

Mobile Buzzword

So you can picture the flavour and drama of playing buzzword bingo. Now, let’s take a peek at one such app that we mentioned above, for using your Android phone as a buzzword bingo hub.

Buzzword Bingo (Multiplayer) is offered freely on the Google Play Store, where it has earned comments like ‘Genius absolute genius’. Its screens and controls let you make cards based upon common topics like Geography or Technology to fit the subject’s spiel.

May your buzzwords (or bullshit) yields laughs — and hopefully stronger friendships!

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