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You’d expect bingo sites to offer several good bingo games to play. However, bingo sites with slots is a popular category too. If you want to know more about the potential for playing slots at bingo sites, read our handy guide below.

Why play slots on a bingo site?

There are lots of reasons why you might decide to play slots on a site that offers a selection of bingo games. We’ve listed some of the advantages – and disadvantages – in the table below.



Something different to play

Fast way to lose cash

Huge jackpots up for grabs

Large wagering requirements

High RTP (return to player) percentage

You need to spend money to play

We should point out that while you typically need to spend money to play slots if you want a chance to score some real cash prizes, there is a chance you could pick up a bonus. This might mean some free spins on a slot as part of a welcome deal, for example.

Slot variants

Did you know there are tons of different slots around today? It makes sense to find out how many there are and what each one can offer before you choose something to play.

We’ve highlighted the main variations you might see here. Will there be one or two that have more appeal than the rest – for you, at least?

Classic slots

This is where it all began… the three-reel slot. This usually has one payline, but if the reels have more than one icon showing on each, it might have three or five.

The slots tend to look more like traditional slot machines. They might also have wilds involved but rarely have scatter symbols or bonuses.

Video slots

These usually have five reels, but some have six (and rarely seven). They tend to feature other elements too, such as:

  • A chance for some free games
  • Bonus features appearing on the reels
  • Second screen bonus features
  • Wild icons
  • Scatter icons
  • Possibly one or more jackpots

Each video slot is based on a theme too, which could be anything from aliens to zoo animals!

Multiline slots

These slots are based on multiple paylines. These lines show you where prize combinations must appear to secure a prize. While any quantity of paylines is possible, here are some of the more common quantities:

  • 20 lines
  • 25 lines
  • 30 lines
  • 40 lines
  • 50 lines

There are a few games offering up to 100 lines too, so those are worth watching for. These games tend to fall into one of two categories as well, regardless of how many lines are involved:

  1. Variable paylines – these allow you to choose how many paylines you want to cover of those available, i.e. if there are 20, you might choose to play less than that (it also means if you play less, you could miss out on prizes appearing on deactivated lines)
  2. Fixed paylines – these slots take away the element of choice about how many lines to play. If there are 20 lines, you must cover them all and cannot deselect any. It also means you should be certain your budget can cover the total bet amount per spin (always essential, of course).

3D slots

Ah, slots in glorious 3D! These appear as if they are popping out of the screen at you, and therefore look amazing. They have way more detail than 2D slots and provide a more immersive experience.

They also tend to be packed with bonus features and other elements to make the games more interactive and enjoyable.

Slots with bonus features

Bonuses are popular with lots of players. Here are some examples of bonuses you might find in selected online slots:

  • Free games
  • On-reels bonuses such as Pick Me features
  • Bonuses that occur on another screen (also known as Second Screen bonuses)
  • Multiple levels or worlds to visit
  • Bonus features with different icons, wilds, and other special symbols

Slot developers are always working to create new and innovative bonuses for slot players to enjoy. Different ways of triggering these bonuses also make them more appealing to play.

Progressive slots

When a slot is labelled as progressive, it doesn’t mean it is ahead of the competition. It refers to a jackpot that gets bigger over time. A portion of each real wager goes into the pot and one person eventually wins it. 

There are several versions of such jackpots:

  • Standalone – a standalone jackpot is connected to just one slot machine and not to any others, either at the same casino or at other ones
  • Wide area – also known as linked jackpots, these are connected to other slots over a wide area. A series of slots may be available at, say, a dozen casinos, and contributions from paying players at every casino are put into the jackpot amount.
  • Local area – similar to wide area slots, these generally refer to jackpots connected to just one slot game offered at multiple casinos, rather than to a series of slots 

Understanding the differences between the progressive slots gives you the chance to see where the biggest prizes might be found.

Flat top slots

These are slots with a fixed jackpot amount on offer. The amount is often shown on the paytable instead of appearing on the game screen. For example, the jackpot might say it is worth 10,000 coins or 10,000x your bet amount.

How to score spins on bingo sites

There are lots of ways to do this:

  • Bonuses – for newcomers or existing players
  • Promotions – same as above
  • Free spins – freebies to use on a named slot
  • VIP offers – only available to VIP members
  • New member offers – just for newbies

The best bingo sites with slots likely offer a good mix of these opportunities. Even if you do not qualify to claim them all, you may be able to claim several good ones.

Top tip: Watch out for new bingo sites with slots too

New sites might have special offers giving out spins for new players that you wouldn’t see on existing sites looking for new players. Worth a try!

Try some slots at your favourite bingo site today

Which ones are you going to try first? You’ll be spoilt for choice!

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