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If you’re visiting our site then there is every chance that you are an American online bingo player. We like to keep our site up to date with all the latest American bingo offers and US bingo sites. However, for this post, we thought we would look at how US bingo players can deposit effectively on their favorite bingo sites.

There are lots of interesting and innovative ways to bank on these sites and each payment method will offer its own features and benefits. We thought we would look at some of the better methods that are popular among bingo players in the US.


When it comes to a payment method that offers an all-in-one service, PayPal is right up there among the very best. PayPal US has been a market leader for well over 10 years now and it continues to provide a reliable and efficient service for its customers. There are lots of excellent online bingo sites that accept PayPal with some key benefits to using the service.

Pros – PayPal is arguably the best method to use for players who have a fast turnover of both deposits and withdrawals. It’s perfect for those that like to keep a track of their spending and is one of the safest payment methods of all.

Cons – Fees can be charged by the provider to the customer for use of certain services. Also, establishing new wallet accounts and linking them to your bingo account can take a few days.

Transfer Services

We’ve used the term transfer services as different players will have different bank accounts. The service you use to make a wire transfer will depend on who you bank with but generally, most US bingo sites will offer a couple of ways to deposit via bank account.

Pros – The key advantage of a wire transfer is how simple it is to do once it has been setup. This service can also be done in person if needs be and there isn’t a need to remember any additional passwords or information with the money being transferred directly from your bank.

Cons – A wire transfer can be complicated to setup. There is generally a lack of supporting features and there can be high fees for using the service.


For us, Neteller is one of the best US payment methods. While it is similar to PayPal, most American bingo sites accept Neteller making it one of the best options for online bingo deposits in the US.

Pros – A well respected global leader in online payments with a fast, simple and secure service. Using Neteller allows you to bank on thousands of online bingo websites. There is also a mobile app for all of the mobile bingo players out there.

Cons – There are fees associated with the service depending on which bank you are with. Also, a lot of information is required to setup the account.


One of the newer payment methods making waves on the US bingo market. This company is a sort of hybrid between an e-Wallet and a wire transfer service.

Pros – UseMyServices is useful as it essentially adds an extra layer of security to your online bingo transactions. The company uses the latest in anti-fraud tools to provide an ultra-safe way to deposit on a bingo site.

Cons – It can take time to setup a UseMyServices account and a lot of sites still do not accept the service in the US as an accepted method of payment.

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