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The weird thing about the status of online gambling within US borders is that although the penalties in most places are unreasonably draconian, no one has been prosecuted yet for playing online Poker or slots or Bingo.

 Weird Laws

That doesn’t mean that no one will be sometime soon, in one of the states less tolerant than Nevada, which is beginning to resemble the UK in terms of online gambling action. Check out taxed online gambling.

No one thought that an 8-year old girl could be prosecuted for just attempting to upload her favourite song, either — and that sort of thing now is happening.

The way it stands, roughly 10-15% of the country’s states or districts are at least open toward the prospect of regulated, taxed gambling in light forms like real-cash Bingo, if not already pursuing it.

 Interest There Is

If you don’t mind the comparison, it’s a bit like classifying marijuana with hard drugs: Bingo is thrown in with hard-core, high-stakes gambling by US Federal Law. Anyway, the enjoyment of online Bingo is widespread and cannot be tarnished by such laws.

A handful of places, like Indian reservations across the country, and including New York, Washington DC, California, New Jersey and of course Nevada, are already experimenting with legitimising online betting and real-cash games.

Nevada — big surprise! — is the most progressive state for online gambling and online real-cash Bingo. Las Vegas, Nevada is the centre of online gambling in the USA.

 ‘UIGEA’ …

That is, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, which prohibits online gambling, while at the same time treating players as felons. It’s a rough, unrealistic law and apparently has not been taken seriously in practice.

Americans, living in the most wired country on earth, will find ways to play online Bingo for real cash, and there will always be a market for those people. That board of services would include alternatives to credit cards, like Neteller or simpler cash vouchers.

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 Banks with Hand Tied

It’s banking that presents the main roadblock for avid Bingo or casino players. By avid, we mean players who win and therefore need to withdraw their winnings. US banks and the attached VISA or MASTERCARD facilities are not allowed to handle gambling, period.

What actually happens nowadays, if you do try to use your credit card(s), is that you hit periodic blocks. The banks do this to hamper gambling-oriented use. Service returns eventually, but, the damage of eroding trust is irreparable.

On the other hand, it’s unsafe to use credit cards for casinos or Bingo online. You leave too many traces, which can be collected and strung together by skilled e-criminals (including rogue nations).

 What to Do?

Professional gamblers actually set up residences in Canada or Europe in order to have the right to play online. That’s not practical for most of us. Even so, it is difficult to break free from the casinos’ IP-address scanners, which reject players inside the US.

As far as withdrawing your Bingo winnings goes — if you do find a Bingo site that accepts an American player — you’ll need an online e-wallet like PayPal, Neteller or another full-service financial provider.

You’ll have to go through some hoops otherwise, such as receiving paper cheques or doing wire transfers or making special arrangements with sites. Or, if you’re really dedicated, then you could move to Nevada and play without a care!

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