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Developed by the team at Buffalo Studios, this brilliant app features a minimalistic style and a fantastic arcade design.

Bingo Blitz is available on mobile and PC through the Apple Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore or by downloading the Bingo Blitz Facebook app, so you have a variety of platforms to choose from.

Also as an added bonus you have the ability to play Bingo Blitz online or offline.


Gameplay follows the same rules as 75 ball bingo; you’re given a card with 24 spaces that each contain a random number between 1 and 75.

Numbers are then drawn at random and you mark off the called numbers against the numbers on your card. You’ll then win a prize if you manage to get numbers in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line on your cards.

Bingo Blitz mixes the classic game of Bingo with arcade style gameplay that lets players use special power ups. Players can also earn XP and coins that can be used to unlock bonuses and extra levels.

Each of the games global locations also come with exclusive items that you can collect as a form of an achievement to show off to your friends.

Plus with Bingo Blitz you can also be ranked on a game leaderboard with millions of other players worldwide. However some of the players’ scores in the list are usually impossibly high because some users use a Bingo cheat or hack.

Although players using Bingo Blitz cheats are usually quickly disciplined, there’s nothing that can be done legally as it’s a bit of a grey area because players are competing for real cash but in-game currency.


The best tip for this game is to use as many of the exclusive power ups as possible, specifically the ‘Instant Win’ as this is a faster way to earn credits and items.

Fun Features

To spice up your gameplay Bingo Blitz comes with a few extra features for you to mess around with, in fact we’ve listed a few of them below.

Shadow Cards

During this game mode you have the chance of winning exclusive level based items when you get Bingo, if you daub a treasure chest symbol on your card you’ll also win a selection of random collectible items.

If there’s one particular item you’re struggling to get you can also ask a fellow player if they’d like to share theirs with you.


The unique Loteria cards are filled with various items that are coloured; each colour corresponds to a coloured row on the games table.

You then use the coloured cards to find a special picture, when you get a ‘Loteria’, the four prize items you landed in your ‘Loteria’ will be yours to keep.


In Blackout you play with four cards, this maximises your chances of winning, plus you’ll get more chances to use Bingo Blitz’s power ups of ‘Single’ and ‘Double Daub’. Winning a Blackout round will also give you a collectible item.

But that’s not all because Bingo Blitz also run regular tournaments, contests and daily play Bonuses that let you earn free credits and slot spins. Plus there’s regular sweepstakes, special games and slick slots to try out for some extra variety.

Since its launch the Bingo Blitz game has been incredibly popular. With a user base that reaches into the millions this game is fast becoming the number one Bingo app.

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