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When you purchase something online, you automatically think of using your card details first. Online bingo is no different, with many using this standard form of payment to deposit funds into their account.

But we know people have reservations about this, and understandably some players do not wish to divulge personal card details over the internet for a variety of reasons. That’s why there has been a huge increase in different ways to deposit to your online bingo account which do not require card details. That’s right, you can even play free bingo, no card details required!

The most popular deposit method from free bingo sites no card details needed is usually through an e-wallet. These tend to be regarded as the most secure and easy to use payment methods. The most common e-wallet which you will definitely have heard of is PayPal. The e-wallet is basically a digital version of a regular wallet – you transfer the money from your bank into the e-wallet (like you would withdraw cash from an ATM) and then store it there until you’re ready to pay for something with that money. When it comes to paying, the recipient, or in this case online bingo site, they will have no need for your bank details as the funds would be transferred directly from the wallet.

PayPal however is not the only site you can sign up to in order to create and use an e-wallet. Other popular e-wallet sites include Neteller and Skrill – both of which are widely accepted across bingo sites. Such payment methods are becoming so popular due to the sheer fact that no card details are required. This has many benefits, the first of which being that it gives players piece of mind knowing they are at less of a risk of internet fraud or theft. In addition, people like using this method because it avoids the need to fill out long forms which you need to do when paying by card.

Another no card details alternative to an e-wallet is Ukash. This is regarded as even more secure as you don’t even have to transfer money online. You simply walk into one of the Ukash accepting stores across the country, pay the teller cash and receive a Ukash voucher with a 16 digit code on it. This code is then typed into your bingo account and you receive the funds on the voucher.

Here are some examples of sites which offer no card details payment methods. Some even offer free bingo – no deposit no card details required!

123 Bingo

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to enjoy yourself on this fab bingo site. 1- take advantage of the fabulous $25 no deposit bonus, just for signing up. 2- deposit funds to your account by using Neteller, Moneybackers, pre-paid card or your credit card. Your first three deposits here will come with a 600%, then 500% then 400% bonus respectively, meaning you’ll have heaps more bingo fun! 3- buy your cards and start playing – it’s as simple as that! [Full Review]

Cyber Bingo

This trusty bingo site offers you much lower than the average no deposit, no card details required bonus, at just $5 free for signing up. However when you are ready to make a deposit, you’ll receive a great bonus – 1000% in total across your first three deposits just to welcome you to the site. You’ll get 500% on your first deposit, with a further 250% on both your second and third deposit bonuses, giving you the opportunity to take advantage of all the bingo, casino and slot games on site, without spending a cent! And the great thing is you don’t have to use card details at all, you can also deposit via Neteller, Skrill and Ukash. [Full Review]

New Bingo Billy

This happy go lucky site offers some great free bingo on offer, with $80 trial bonus just for starters! You can then receive an extremely generous 500% bonus on each of your first three deposits, making your money, and game time last longer! Deposit your dollars via Neteller, Eco Card or usual credit card methods. There are loads of free games to be played too, so you don’t have to spend a dime playing at all! [Full Review]


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