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Super Lucky Casino brings us Bingo Heaven for Facebook. Super Lucky is the inventor of the games Slots Heaven and Lotto Heaven, which you may have seen before. Bingo Heaven, too, is not played for cash but instead for pure fun.

Sometimes your own motive when beginning a game of your choice at a given moment is what makes the game fun. In the case of real-cash bingo, the cash and winning element can take over, bringing in some tension.

When you play Bingo Heaven it’s because you want to hang out with online friends and enjoy the game itself. That’s a pure motive — and, combined with the game’s fantastic performance, this sets you up to have mega enjoyment.

Consistent Design

Matching that fact that this is a non-cash, wager-less form of online and mobile bingo, the visual design, colours, icons and fonts used for words like Spin, are all light-hearted. Without using animal characters, the BingoHeaven look is cartoon-like. Bingo is more fun if you don’t need to deposit, see here

We think that for mobile users the game’s simple, kids-oriented screens (meaning everything is big and easy to read or understand) work best for playing will in a car, bus, Tube train or even while sitting on a bench in the shade during the day.

Ins and Outs of Winning

Of course, the app and the Facebook game are filled with ways to chat and give/receive with your Bingo-Heaven buddies. Generally, your bingo wins yield around 50 credits. Once you’ve saved a few hundred, you can buy some of the 8 or so enhancements.

When you have accumulated all the possible toys and features, you are granted an on-going VIP-like benefit, which amounts to a few free credits on the house every day.

Otherwise, of course, you’re receiving (and hopefully giving) gifts of credits or cards, or other online gifts to your friends. Then, at some point, you may need to complete an in-app or online purchase (usually below ten quid) for new credits or other features.

Games are unlocked in social bingo when you gain certain experience benchmarks. You can in some cases also unlock games by paying for that.

NOTE: Even though you may pay for some credits from time to time, maybe even entirely to give a gift of it, this is still a non-cash game without money winnings of any kind.

Rounding Things Out

There are also little side games like treasure chests that you find when your bingo pattern includes the chest-laden squares. This is another way to amass credits without spending a single pence.

The nice thing, in closing, about a just-for-fun game like Bingo Heaven is that you can start its games immediately. Even online bingo sites are restricted to their actual rooms’ schedules. And playing in those, you will be limited by the number of players in action. There is actually some realistic waiting involved in other games. Fund your games with PayPal, see how

Not Bingo Heaven: just like in Heaven you can play right away and play to heart’s content!

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