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After the recent legal changes, most US online bingo sites either stopped operating all together, or switched their focus to either free bingo games or pay bingo games for money in other countries.

One of the most popular new destinations for online bingo halls is the UK where online bingo is thriving and growing many new players every day.

Since bingo is legal in the United Kingdom, bingo sites are having a ball over there, advertising wildly like they never could even in they heyday of US online bingo.

Many leading UK bingo halls are advertising heavily on TV even sponsoring entire shows, and that’s just the beginning.

But after loosing ground in the US, many bingo sites started looking for new audiences in the farthest corners of the globe – from Iceland to Chile, no country has been left ignored.

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But what is left for avid online bingo fans in the US?

There are still a number of sites that accept US players, allowing them to play for real money as well as just for fun. These sites have been around for a while now, and looks like they intend to be here to stay. Perhaps they are counting on trade rulings or internal US legal processes to clear up the fog with regard to online bingo and reinstate them fully.

After all, Bingo is very much a US game. It’s been played in the finest communities and helped to fund important social functions for many years now. Seems like American players just enjoy the game of bingo way to much to just let it go, so there are still many US players that manage to sign up to online new USA bingo sites and play for money, awaiting that inspiring ‘bingo’ moment that they love so much.

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