GSN’s newest game-show is all about our favorite game – BINGO.

The show basically combines a good game of bingo with a trivia quiz, so it is good for trivia lovers and bingo lovers alike. Making it more appealing to audiences at home is that they can participate! Anyone can download Bingo America bingo cards and mark their cards like you would any bingo card following the line being called out on TV.

If you have a winning card, no need to stand up and shout Bingo! You can just cash out online and claim your $50 prize .

So for viewers from home this is similar to online bingo halls, since you don’t need to answer any trivia questions, but without all the fun that you get from playing what is basically a social game. You’d feel kind of silly yelling Bingo! at your television, and no-body will be congratulating you for your win either.

If you like to play bingo and answer trivia questions as well, tryTrivia-Mania

Trivia-mania is a free downloadable trivia game that you play online and that has all the fun of your favorite online bingo hall. There are different multi-player games to choose from including one that has poker-room elements to it, making it a lot of fun as well as a great way to learn new things.

Otherwise, if bingo fun is what you’re looking for, there’s no substitute to playing in one of the top online bingo websites.

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