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Right, well, when we’re talking about playing online or mobile Bingo from within the USA, it’s a spotty affair. You can’t play from inside every state, because at the top level, Federal law says that all cash-wagering game is illegal.

 Real or Virtual Cash?

But of course there are ways to play Bingo to win cash in the States. You can always just play for fun, of course (we recommend heading into Facebook for some of that bingo action, enhanced by the social networking features and loads of friends online). Using real cash is a little trickier.

The main problem that players face is their banking, because American banks have their hands tied about servicing any gambling (they can’t). There are sites that do welcome US players despite their banking woes, and furthermore they will even offer deposit and withdrawal options other than credit cards.

 How to Play Smart (or, just Play!)

Credit cards, anyway, are just about the most unsafe way to do anything online. For that reason we always recommend alternatives like Neteller, an excellent e-wallet service. There are others you can use, such as Ukash and Paysafecard; however, these may only provide deposit facilities.

Neteller belongs in a group of financial tools that includes PayPal, Skrill/Moneybrokers and others offering more than just a safe way to deposit funds you have already loaded into the system.

With these fully-featured options, you can also act as a vendor and receive funds from buyers or customers of your own, as well as get transfers from friends — these powers include handling your bingo winnings, most importantly!

The following three portraits are of sites that offer Neteller and accept US players (at the time of writing). We can recommend them, obviously, and we do so particularly because of their excellent Neteller credentials.

 Cyber Bingo

Whereas most UK bingo sites tend to appear a bit zany, a bit crazy, a bit cartoony and bright, what would you expect from an American brand? The difference is stark, actually. Cyber-Bingo has an unsurprisingly high-tech theme and yet many players find that it’s much warmer than that.

The bonus is 500% of your first deposit! Although bingo bonuses tend to be much more generous than typical casino offer, Cyber Bingo gives generously. Of course, with so many bingo bucks, you’re bound to have some wins. You can use Neteller at Cyberbingo to deposit more and bring home that bacon!

 New Bingo Billy

Bingo Billy became ‘newer’ last year, and has continued growing the positive energy behind this renovation and expansion. Of all bingo sites, NBB excels with its customer service, which includes a slick welcome chat window, right off the bat.

Bonus is somewhat less than Cyber, with only 300% cash matched on your first deposit. On the other hand, you’ll get a free $25 to get the balls rolling.

 123Bingo Online

$25 free, like BingoBilly, and (get ready!) 1000% total bonuses over your first three deposits. Wow, now that’s a sweet deal. We have always liked the way 123-Bingo lists two important facts at the top of the page: (1) players online and (2) players registered. This is very important if you like lively rounds and lots of laughs with others playing live online.

123 Bingo handles over 40 million members, so the place is usually hopping. That brings up something way more important than good bonuses: community.

All three of these fine bingo hot-spots are friendly to US players who have to wiggle a bit to get the banking straight. Neteller is offered by all (and most bingo spots, too) so that you’ll have a way to enjoy the spoils of your daubing!

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