There are still online bingo sites accepting deposits from the USA. While most bingo sites closed their membership to US players when the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of2006 (UIGEA) came into affect for fear of legal action, some bingo sites refuse to give up what they see as their right to do business without undue intervention by government.

The act itself is challenged for its legality under international law and considered by many to be a protectionist move that is unfair and could even be unconstitutional.

Many USA bingo players just want to enjoy playing bingo and keno games online, and do not appreciate being prevented from this. Especially if they want to play in USA no deposit bingo sites – meaning, just for fun, for free.

Bingo is mostly a social game played for decades in churches and function of all kinds, it is quite different from casino gambling, even though players to make a deposit and try their luck in winning cash. Still, it’s just not the same.

For bingo players in the USA there are still a few sites that accept their deposits and let them play for money, if they choose to do so.

America Bingo

America Bingo, a long running USA bingo site, is one the best sites for US players and is still accepting deposits from Americans in its games. you also get a free bingo bonus of $30 you get when signing up as well as an amazing 250% bonus on your first deposit and a staggering 300% reload bonus on all repeat deposits. Try it out now for free!


A great online bingo site for USA players, BingoWorkz pays out big daily jackpots and have the best online bingo games This site never stopped accepting deposits from USA players and you can still deposit and play there freely.

Desperate Housewives Bingo

A relatively new online bingo site, Desperate Housewives Bingo also accepts deposits from players in the US.

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