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The US gambling circuit has had quite the uphill battle over the years as it was strictly regulated, almost banned and then had its restrictions slowly eased. Now it seems New Jersey is set to go through another bump in the road to bringing about a successful United States online gambling industry.

What’s Going On?

Well, it seems that after an in-depth study Rutgers University have released a report that recommends that more gambling controls be introduced to operators in New Jersey.

The team at Rutgers have said that current licensed gambling operators in New Jersey should have responsible gambling controls tightened on their sites in an effort that they claimed would help protect players.

The report also called for any and all information about responsible gambling on these operators should be brought into the sites sign up procedures. They said that this would ensure that all the terms and conditions of the responsible gambling procedures of a site were all read and properly understood by players before they joined.

They also said that this would lead to the creation of a new, more standardised type of control over responsible gambling across all New Jersey sites that they could then introduce to more US states.

What Would Standardised Control Mean for Bingo Sites?

So far, there have been no signs that these sites or any US gambling authorities, in general, are looking into imposing these rules but if they do it could affect both players and sites in a positive manner.

What we mean by this is that it would allow players to gamble responsibly without getting in over their heads and entering either crippling debt or developing an addiction to line gambling. So when you sign up to a site you could see the various options that they will provide you should you have trouble gambling responsibly.

For example, you can find out if a site offers you links to help groups or websites that deal with players who are struggling with a gambling addiction.

Aside from the players it also means that sites will not be able to offer players promotions and deals that they probably shouldn’t so players will remain safe from websites that might take advantage of them.

For the sites, it will also make them look more trustworthy if they have to stipulate what their responsible gambling controls are. Even though the gambling industry is incredibly popular, there are still those who aren’t 100% sold on playing with real cash online and having these conditions will act as a formal seal of approval to players.

If this rule is actually imposed it also might mean that a lot of bingo sites that don’t offer these kinds of services will either have to start using them or close down. This in turn could open up the market to allow new sites to come through or increase the player base of other big branded bingo sites.

Although there are a lot of positive impacts of the possibility of this recommendation from Rutgers University, it could also cause a few negative problems.

For example, it could limit the types of offers sites provide to players as web providers try to ensure they’re encouraging responsible gambling to their members.

Even though, it’s still just a recommendation from a university study and there’re no signs at all that this could ever be imposed, it’s still worth keeping an eye on any further developments. The US gambling industry still has quite a lot of growing to do and any further crackdowns on it might not have the most positive effects.


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