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You may or may not be aware of the current laws and practices with regards to gambling in Pennsylvania. Of course, in the USA states regulate which types of gambling are legal and how the industry should be policed by that particular state.

A lot of states are very lax when it comes to gambling but many others are considerably stricter. Pennsylvania is an interesting example and its gambling laws have undergone some radical changes over the last few years so we thought we would look at how the state could be changing its laws with regards to online gambling in the not too distant future.

Pennsylvania Gambling Overview

Gambling in Pennsylvania is regulated by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) and this regulatory body oversees all types of gambling in the state. Currently, many forms of physical gambling are legal such as antique slot machines, horseracing and US bingo sites are subject to fairly strict regulations.

Other games such as poker and roulette are strictly prohibited and could land you up to five years in prison and $10,000 in fines. Online gambling is also prohibited but this could be about to change in the state of Pennsylvania.

US Policy Changes Could Affect Pennsylvania

State lawmakers in Washington are considering policy changes which could have an effect on the way that gambling is regulated throughout the US. Currently, testimony is being heard with regards to a potential reversal of a 2011 federal legal bill which could open the door for several states to legalize online or internet gambling. Former PGCB member Thomas Decker argued that even if the bill were to be reversed, it would have no legal impact on state gambling laws.

USA gambling online is currently restricted to New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada only. Many have argued that online gambling is an unreliable and even non-existent source of revenue with many casinos even going as far to state that there is universal opposition among casino owners towards integrated video gaming terminals.

The Other Side of the Argument

Naturally, there is both support and opposition for the above changes and the debate continues to rumble on. Some states have come out in support of online gambling with several believing it will provide a critical new source of tax revenue which could help assist local communities in the medium to long term. Online gaming US terminals could be the perfect way to begin incorporating controlled online gambling into existing casinos.

Moving Forward

Some have noted that the debate is focussing too much on state revenue and not enough on how new types of gambling could affect a community such as Pennsylvania and there is a concern that legalizing online gambling could turn cellphones into slot machines.

Personally, we cannot see any major changes in the immediate future but the debate is certainly interesting so we will continue to monitor developments and post any new relevant information right here on the site so be sure to check back regularly for more info on the big debate.

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