Find out about online bingo scams and cheats

Most of the online bingo sites try to counter the immense competition in the world of e-gambling, by introducing schemes which can act as effective allures for bringing new customers on to their websites. The most popular and successful of such schemes is Free Bingo Bonus.

bingo sites have always been loved by people as they give them a chance to make some good money by trying out their luck. Online bingo sites are loved even more by such people as games on such bingo sites, with the same rewards and excitement can be played in the comfort of their homes. But despite this comfort and ease of availability, many people hesitate in starting their online gambling career. The reason for this is their hesitation for spending money in online bingo sites. What lacks is trust and lack of experience.

Free Bingo online has come up as the best solution for this in the recent years. As the name suggests, a free Bonus is an additional amount of money given by the bingo website to the player. This money can be used to play games on the bingo and if the player is lucky, he can win some great rewards. Thus, this bonus is the best way for a player to try out the new games and new websites.

But playing free Online Bingo , as a term is very broad. It covers various types of bonuses offered by bingo sites to players. However, 2 types of bonuses are most popular. The first one is the Free Bonus or Sign-up bonus. This bonus is offered to a player as soon as he signs up in the site. The players does not need to spend any money for getting this money and can be used a real free money to play games on the bingo site itself. The amount of this bonus is fixed in most online Bingo bingo sites in US and UK and varies between 10-15 pounds. The bonus is immediately credited to the virtual account of the player after registration and the player can instantly start using it.

As this bonus is meant for promotional purposes, it cannot be used to any other purpose than playing games on the bonus-issuing bingo site. It cannot be used on any other website nor can it be transferred into a bank account. Any rewards won by using this bonus can only be cashed out once the player has made an actual deposit.

The second type of free bingo bonus is the deposit bonus. This bonus is given to player by the bingo site when he/she makes a deposit in it. The amount of this bonus depends on the amount of deposit and is normally expressed in the terms of percentage. The average percentage is around 100-200% in most reputed bingo site. This bonus can only be used by the player once the actual deposit is exhausted and cannot in any case be withdrawn in one’s bank account.

So, if you are thinking of playing online bingo and have no prior experience or even if you are thinking of trying out a new online bingo bingo site, playing it with free cash is the best way to get a great value for your money, without taking much of a risk.


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