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It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that Gamesys yanked their Bingo & Slots Friendzy app from Facebook, but what was it that caused them to take down such a fun game in the first place?

To uncover that mystery we’ve done a little bit of digging to get to the bottom of this unexpected move by the software giant.

Who Are Gamesys?

Gamesys are a software company that appeared in 2001 with the express interest of creating games for sites to run. They use a wide variety of programming software in their games from Java, Flash, HTML5 and other popular programming sources.

Since their initial launch the company has become popular in the gambling circuit to the point where there are tons of brands that use Gamesys software to run their sites and various games.

How They Decided to Make a Mobile App

No strangers to innovation the Gamesys brand decided that it was time to move into real money social gaming as at the time it was a field that didn’t have any real major competition in it.

So in August 2012 they debuted their Bingo & Slots Friendzy game to the masses that initially enjoyed having this fun title to play around with.

How They Shut Down the App

Unfortunately although it was initially loved by fans Gamesys decided that after two years they would remove it. Because quite a lot of people were still playing this game they couldn’t just shut it down without warning as their player would still have cash in their accounts that would be going to waste.

To counter this they sent out an email asking players to remove whatever funds they had stored in their account and ‘wave goodbye’ to the game as they were going to be taking it off soon.

Their PR team made a good call with this email as they managed to keep their fans with this notification as removing it without warning would obviously anger their players.

Why Would They Remove It?

Of course you may be wondering why exactly would they rip down something if they had players that were using it fairly regularly?

Well as it turns out real money bingo on social media sites isn’t as lucrative a business plan as you may think. According to a number of sources, gambling sites that launch social media based real money gaming never seem to meet with any success.

For example Big Fish Games cut their losses with their social media game after just 18 months. Then there’s Zynga, who don’t even mention their social media games in their reports anymore, which is never a good sign.

So why is it that these games keep failing?

Apparently it may be down to the mind-sets of the players that use them, as Calvin puts it: “Social gaming and real-money gambling audiences are distinct tribes with little appetite for crossover.”

You could say that the gamblers don’t want their genre being ‘watered down’ and taken less seriously with an incorporation of social media. Whilst the other camp could see it as the ‘corruption’ of the thing they love as their games they play solely for fun start to focus more on getting as much money from you as possible.

Although this removal will barely effect the sterling game development that Gamesys are known for, it will certainly have knocked their confidence a bit.

But we’re sure they’ll bounce back soon with even better games in the future, although it’s probably safe to assume that they won’t involve social media!

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