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Let’s face it: real-cash online and mobile bingo is not legal everywhere. If you’re living in a conservative state, of course there are ways to side-step and play with alternative banking options (psst: same-as-cash e-vouchers like Ukash).

But the whole deposit, win, withdrawal process may freak you out a bit as a law-abiding citizen. Not to worry — you can play with a clear conscience and no headaches!

Just play for fun. The casual bingo scene has been evolving, you know, to include the latest trends in social gaming. That means playing in social networks like Facebook sometimes.

A Middle Ground Forms

Real-money online gaming is an undeniable entertainment force, already gaining mass social acceptance. Still, it takes time for gambling markets (even bingo!) to become regulated and properly taxed. Because of the lag time (when everyone pretty much expects to get for-cash bingo eventually), some winning options have popped up.

These are for-fun bingo games, on or off Facebook, that are free to play. They offer loads of social networking features that go far beyond the classic bingo chats you have so enjoyed.

On the other hand, at some moments you may need to spend a small amount on some new cards or on special promotions. After all, with social bingo at least half the fun is interacting with your homies, which involves giving and receiving online gifts.

Real Prizes

What we’re driving at here is the idea that you can play a free bingo room, and yet you could win big prizes — staying within the law, to boot! The way that happens is actually with the help of social networking sites and sponsorships and drawings.

Maybe the best example would be playing casual games at VirginGames, for the simple reason that Virgin has its fingers in so many desirable products and services that are used as gifts. You won’t mind the absence of cash prizes as long as you’re winning things you would buy with cash, anyway!

Another hot site for this sort of thing is GSN, which is a game-show cable network that has branched out into Facebook-driven casual games. They are free, but you could win on-going seasonal prizes by accumulating your ‘oodles’, the GSN credit, and ‘buying’ your gifts. There are also larger things like vacations to win regularly.

We can also suggest BingoBlitz, another Facebook-driven community of bingo lovers. This is wicked, robust, popular online or mobile bingo — over 1 million monthly players. The games are varied, including slots.

Finally, if you are the wholesome offline sort, why don’t you get yourself set up with a bingo buzzwords game at home? Invite the friends and family.

Bingo buzzwords is a bit of a stunt: Choose a victim, and the secret keywords for the game, then everyone has to hold back the giggles until the victim talks enough and the keywords have been assembled for a ‘Bingo!’

TIP: You can get Bingo Buzzwords apps so that players are even stealthier!

Although we have shared a few of our favourites, you have great choice inside the Facebook ecosystem. Just do a search for ‘bingo’ while logged in and see what you find.

If you couldn’t be bothered about winning cash (or spending it) then for-fun non-cash bingo games are just right for you!

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