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If you love to play bingo and have played online, but perhaps you have not delved yet into mobile bingo then it’s time to be converted. Human beings were not meant to sit in front of computers for too long — in many senses, personal and historical.

The mobile age has begun and you should experience your favorite bingo thrills the mobile way, which is more natural. Also, with the advanced capabilities of today’s basic tablets (one only has to spend about $200 to get the best Android model on the market, or a mini iPad), the real fun of live bingo can come alive.

If you have the cash, then of course the iPhone, iPad or iPod products are the highest quality and best polished. Yet, they do not support all online or mobile sites — not like Android’s incredible flexibility for gamers.

Online Bingo Versus Mobile Bingo

What we’re really talking about here is playing desktop software from online sites (which means seated at a desktop or laptop computer) versus using apps (on  a mobile device). Now, what do you picture in your mind when you read mobile device?

The real differences between online and mobile bingo are not to be explained by referring to their software, actually. The games are essentially the same. Mobile games on a tablet or large smartphone are in some cases even more advanced than other types, like game consoles or dedicated gaming gadgets. So what is the main difference? It’s staring us in the face.

Bingo in Your Bones

So it might boil down to your body. Is your body seated at a desk, or, are you basically playing the game in any position, in any place where you happen to be?

If you think you can concentrate upon your bingo cards better if you’re looking at a stationary monitor (almost like you were in a bingo hall), then play that way.

But if you like to run through some cards while commuting or just buried in the couch, then you may find you perform better on a tablet computer. Being free to move about or even to pop up and yell ‘bingo!’, with the virtual card in your hand, is just more fun.

The majority of online content will be pushed to smartphones and tablets as the more common platforms (far outnumbering PCs). You should get used to it — and we’re sure you will enjoy getting used to it!


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Cyber Bingo Mobile

One of the USA’s longest running online bingo halls is called CyberBingo (circa 1996!). It is an online specialist, for those who have been seated players for some time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t play here using a mobile device, in case you were wondering.

Perhaps you were curious about just that: how to play mobile bingo at Cyber Bingo. It is a popular destination, so that would not be surprising.

The fact of the matter is that you’ll have to be happy to use the regular website on an Android tablet, one which has enough native screen resolution to view the entire website. Then, no problem.

Since its VistaGaming bingo software relies upon the Flash plug-in and Apple does not support Flash (unless you get a converter app, which you can do), CyberBingo at present is much more accessible to Android users.

Cyber Bingo does mention mobile bingo on its UK site, and we’re quite expectant to see its official US mobile offering soon, perhaps this year.

The game software here is provided by VistaGaming, one of the industry’s leaders. You’ll have no problem getting the hang of these beautifully designed online cards inside rooms that boast the best feature of all: live bingo action with friendly folks.


If you want free mobile bingo then playing at Cyber Bingo on a tablet that has enough resolution could be one of your most memorable sign-ups. The house is very generous to give us:

  • $5 free to sign up
  • 500% welcome bonus on the first deposit
  • 250% bonus on deposit 2
  • 250% bonus on deposit 3
  • 100% match on all subsequent deposits!

You are really covered quite amply with bonus dosh when you’re a member of CyberBingo — obviously! We’ve noticed that other mobile bingo sites try to compete with this basic bonus package, but CB is the most straightforward.

It’s time to experience mobile bingo! CyberBingo gives you the prime bonuses, super software and a thrilling community of players. We think that Android tablet-powered bingo here is one of the best ways to grow into this new world of fun, wherever you go. You’ll get used to that convenience, we are sure.

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Cyber Bingo

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