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June 21st of this year may go down in Nevada history as the start of its cyber-gambling industry, and the beginning of its lead in the nation-wide marketplace for cash-enabled online gaming. Since it generates massive revenue, many states (perhaps over 15% of the country) are looking into online gambling.

There are strong arguments on both sides of the issue, of course, if you take society into account. But if you’re like us, you frankly just want to know when e-gambling will be legal, so the fun can begin. Sink or swim, socially speaking, it will be fun. Take a quick look at some of the US based bingo games.

Nevada, in any case, is forging forward, even surging past Washington DC’s mired iGaming attempt. As of June 21st Nevada has become — no real surprise here — the cyber-gambling capital of the USA. Its online and mobile services will not be available, however, to people outside state lines.

Geotracking (GPS) and tight sign-up safeguards will be used to keep Nevada’s virtual casinos inside the state’s own invisible borders. For extra safety when playing casino games, read about some US paypal bingo sites.

The reason that date in late June was significant was that the state’s government approved bids by two gaming companies and other online-casino services to begin operations in Nevada — provided these firms can prove that their games filter out under-aged players and only serve people physically in Nevada.

These are just the first licenses awarded, because more surely will follow, but these are literally the first online gambling licenses awarded within the United States.

Although it’s fairly common in Europe and the UK, online gaming for cash stakes is a new big thing in America — it is wild wide-open territory. Many gaming companies are undoubtedly paying attention as the first overtures of pioneers, so far, as William Hill (UK), PokerStars / Full Tilt (UK) test the waters. As soon as things look stable, in many states across the USA there will be a mad rush online to offer cash games.

Zynga, the huge Facebook gaming company, has also made a general announcement that it is entering real-cash gambling online, since it has its strong niche position as a social gaming studio. We’ll see if Zynga begins providing solutions to US states and land-based casinos that want to dive into online gambling as well.

At the moment, as we said, Nevada is the torch-bearer. Resident players there are surely glad they will soon be tapping up their favourite games on mobiles. (As if they needed more gambling options!)

If it goes well in Nevada, other states like New York and Illinois will no doubt put up some stiff competition. Online gambling will oddly play into states’ tourism economies since the prized services will only be available when visiting those states.

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