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In a bid to clamp down on gambling addiction problems and irresponsible gambling, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) has announced they will be introducing a new voluntary self-exclusion scheme for online gamblers.

The programme will only be set up in the state of New Jersey and will give online bingo and casino players in the state the option to self-exclude from all sites. The new option will soon be available from the DGE’s website. Interested parties should visit there to find the self-exclusion registration form where they can then choose to voluntarily remove themselves from any online gambling activities within New Jersey.

There will be two different terms that individuals completing the registration can choose to commit to – either a one year or five year self-exclusion term. The registration itself will comprise of a series of different questions, so that they can be identified, and to ensure that they will comply with the various terms and conditions outlined in the self-exclusion programme. If players agree to the terms they will then be allowed to opt into the scheme.

However this isn’t the first self-exclusion programme which has been launched in the gambling industry in New Jersey. The previous system which seems to be a bit unproductive from the outset, required players create an account on one of the authorised online gaming sites (gaming sites in New Jersey must be linked to a land-based operator in order to perform online gambling legally within the state) in New Jersey, or go along to a New Jersey racetrack or DGE office and apply for exclusion in person. As this can be construed as tempting, by forcing those with gambling problems to visit somewhere that could ultimately lead to a relapse in their addiction, the new scheme is being heralded as much more helpful for online gamblers.

Despite the much welcomed changes in the online exclusion process, any players wishing to self-exclude from any land based bingo or casino operations will still need to go down and complete the registration personally at that location.

The director of New Jersey DGE, David Rebuck, welcomes the changes, and acknowledges that the Division of Gaming Enforcement actually has one of the best responsible gaming programs in the country. As the gambling world changes thanks to new advances in technology, in particular with regards to mobile gaming, the DGE aim to be at the forefront of regulation surrounding this, and will continue to offer players the option to play online responsibly.

As with most changes to the law in mobile gambling, it can have both a positive and negative effect on online bingo. However in this instance, the positive effects of socially responsible gaming and making the industry safer for all far outweigh the negatives of online bingo sites having to devote more time to changing campaigns and offers to make sure they do not accidentally target those who have opted to self-exclude. Also taking steps to improve the process by ensuring players don’t have to visit the source of their temptation first, as opposed to taking away from registered player figures on sites is another positive with far more overall benefit.

This change is a great move in responsible gambling, as it’s often regarded as one of the biggest issues when concerning the legalisation of online gaming in other states. Hopefully this positive change can mean other states will open up to the possibility of allowing online bingo operations in the future, safe in the knowledge they can be clearly regulated and deemed safe for any vulnerable users or those who wish to be excluded.


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