Play Bingo Online

Internet Bingo is far better than regular bingo halls!

If playing online bingo was not fun, millions of players wouldn’t be playing, new sites wouldn’t be coming online every year, growth would not be exponential year on year, and you wouldn’t’ be offered nearly so much free bingo money to join a site.
The Online Bingo Industry
The online bingo industry is a force to be reckoned with, it commands millions, of pounds and billions of dollars annually. There has been no perceived shift seen in year on year growth and it has been predicted what is fast becoming an online phenomenon will grow by as much as 25% this year – 2010.

This makes online bingo a mainstream industry, not something to be embarrassed about being a part of, and if I had half a head on my shoulders I would get involved with the online bingo affiliate industry (I keep meaning to – oh, procrastination is the thief of time!).


What Keeps Players Coming Back to Online Bingo

There are a myriad reasons why online bingo players return time and again to play at their favorite online bingo sites, and while sites do work hard to keep them interested, in the UK the demographic is slightly different to the bingo players of the US. The one driving force which keeps UK players interested in a sit is the camaraderie. In other words the personal connections thy make with chat room buddies. This is the most important and you will often find that these online bingo players are really surprised to find they have won.

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Nine out of Ten will say so while the remainder say they had a lucky feeling and thought they were going to win. US players are the opposite and they are jackpot chaser in the majority, Canadian players are the same and they are in it to win it; very little else. Australian and New Zealand players are the same as in the UK, and the rest of the world I am really not sure about. The only thing that is a sure thing is that playing online bingo is fun, and in the majority all players of the game agree.
Incentives to Make it More Fun

Much like players all have one thing in common, so too do the operators of online bingo sites, they work hard and strive to come up with innovative promotions that will keep players interested and reward them well also. The beauty of online bingo being such a big industry players is that they can offer really big rewards to member. No matter how much fun playing this well loved game is, it is always more fun with a little additional excitement thrown in. For this reason slots are available at the sites and these feature huge PJP’s, regular prizes such as TV’s, laptops, iPod’s, PSP’s (and other game consoles), cruises, weekend breaks, spa breaks, treat hampers, kitchen appliances and eve cars are given away. Take Sun Bingo for example, they gave away 100 cars in 100 days last year (2009), just to celebrate the fact that they had already given away £100 million worth of prizes.