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When you want to play bingo online without exposing yourself to any risk of fraud a voucher service will give you all the security you need. Paysafecard is one such service that you can use to get online and make sure that your details are secure, while also getting some other advantages over traditional payment methods.

How to Use a Paysafecard

Using a Paysafecard is simple, you just need to buy it in a store and then use the generated PIN online to add funds. You can pay for it with cash or a card and the service is totally free to use, as well as being available to buy in more than 500,000 different stores worldwide, giving you plenty of options on where to go. They’re sold everywhere from convenience stores to gas stations and you’re sure to have one of these near you.

Players can buy these cards in different values and then add more than one at a time to their account to reach the desired balance. It’s so simple to use and it offers a first rate level of protection for online players.

There are so many scams and sites with poor security out there so this added guard against payment fraud is becoming all too important. If your credit and debit card details are kept away from the internet there’s far less chance of someone being able to commit fraud.

The Advantages of Paysafecard

Security isn’t the only advantage of this useful service, it can also help you put a cap on your spending when gambling online. Buying the amount of vouchers that you feel are necessary for a time period will discourage overspending and keep your bank balance looking good.

It’s much speedier to use this payment method over a service like PayPal as you don’t need to log into an account. All you need to do is type in your PIN and get playing, it’s even faster than typing out your credit or debit card details too.

This is a worldwide service too, so it has an even higher level of flexibility for those who play in different countries. It also means that you can still buy these vouchers and get your bingo fix while travelling in other countries, it doesn’t get much more convenient than that! This service stays the same no matter where you buy it from, so it’s always consistent and free wherever you go.

The Disadvantages of Paysafecard

As with any payment methods there are some disadvantages to the Paysafecard that you should know about before purchasing. The most obvious one is that you have to visit a retailer in order to purchase, which ties you to their opening hours when you want to play.

When you decide to buy a Paysafecard you have to keep it safe as if it is lost or stolen your money is long gone. Treat it like any bill and you’ll be fine though, and make sure you use it as soon as possible.

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