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Each state has a complex set of guidelines for gamblers and Pennsylvania is no different. You might not view online bingo games as gambling but any system by which players put a stake on for the possibility of receiving more back is classed as gambling.

These laws can be archaic and hard to understand but the bottom line is that it’s legal in Pennsylvania under certain conditions. Those that have been charged for gambling in this state are mostly due to illegal activities concerning licencing or fraud.

Age Requirements

Online bingo operators are obliged to only offer their services to those who are of legal betting age in the state they reside. In Pennsylvania this means that no one under the age of 18 can play online bingo, with some sites erring on the side of caution and only accepting players over the age of 21.

This is to protect the site but also to protect more vulnerable players from racking up debts or gambling irresponsibly. Players can also use land based bingo halls from the age of 18 but this is again at the operator’s discretion.

Online Bingo Regulations

This state does not permit any operator to run bingo games from within their jurisdiction, as the gambling laws are strict for providers. Residents are still able to use any licensed site that is hosted outside of the state lines. Though gambling operation online is not permitted those who live in the state can feel free to use these sites as long as they are of age to do so.

Pennsylvania online bingo is not technically legalised but there is no law expressly forbidding the right of residents to gamble online. The only things that would be counted as illegal related to these laws would be to play with fraudulent credentials, underage gambling or unlicensed gambling.

This can be slightly confusing for those who want to play bingo from within this state but don’t want to run into issues with the law. To follow the letter of the law residents should research that the sites that they’re using are fully licensed and committed to fair play. They may be required to verify their identity to prove that they are playing with the proper credentials and are not committing fraud.

What to Look for when Picking a Site

As there is no body that grants licences in this state you must look for another kind of federal accreditation online. The gaming commission logo should be easily visible at the bottom of the home page of any kind of gambling site or within the about section. You should be able to click on this logo and see the certificate granted to the site and all of the other relevant information.

If you want to take extra precautions then you can use the certificate number and search for it within the database of the governing authority. If the details all match up then you’re good to go, if not then you should report it as fraud on the official site of the issuing body.

Make sure that you have an assurance of fair play and information on how the games are tested for fairness. There should also be various security certificates on the site, so that you know your details are safe on their server. Look for 128 bit SSL security, as this is the standard for most sites that send and receive payments. If you have any qualms about the security of the site then either use an alternate payment method, like PayPal, with buyer protection or steer clear of the site entirely.

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