Playtech online bingo slots games – play slots, keno and more

Playtech offers a great and wide selection of online bingo slots games and side games. A lot of USA online bingo sites have software that will offer you to play mini slot machines that will waste your money slowly and have almost zero payout, while playtech online side games offer huge jackpots, up to $30,000 in progressive slots jackpots! Read more in Bingo With Slots.

Now that’s the kind of figures you want to play for!

You can play the following slots machine with playtech online bingo software, these are casino monster slots machines that have a very high payout:

Fruit Mania:

Fruit Mania is an excellent slots machine on which you can collect fruits and sun. Just chose the rows you want to play for and start spinning. You will also recive very generous bonuses from the machine as you play. The bonuses can reach very high amounts of real cash!

playtech online bingo - fruitmania

Captain’s Treasure:

On this great 5 reel slot machine you need to win a combination of symbols by pulling the lever. The symbol of the capltain himself is of course the one that will give you the highest payout. You winnings will be doubled, no matter how many symbols you managed to collect.

Goblin’s Cave:

Play this amazing slots machine and obtain a winning combination by pulling the lever. Spin on and wish for lady luck to shine on you, since you can win a two rounds bonus with this great machine. That will happen if you get three laterns on the first row. You will be playing for 3 rows in total.

Chinese Kitchen:

This one is a crazy 8 lines mega slot machine. You just enter the machine and you choose the lines you want to play for, you can play for the craziest patterns, just take your pick. You can win up to 30 times your bet with this one! Now that’s worth playing for…

playtech online bingo slots chinese kitchen