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It’s good news for fans of social casino games as one particularly popular provider has just launched a brand new social casino app for their players.

The ‘Play4Fun Network’ was created by Scientific Games, and it comes with a social casino app called New Mexico’s Route 66 Casino Hotel.

This new app and social casino network are the first part of Scientific Games social casino products and more are set to launch in the near future. Their fun app doesn’t offer any online bingo games, but what it does have is a large collection of great social casino games like Raging Rhino, Zeus III and Li’l Red for players to check out.

In regards to the launch, the Vice President of Scientific Games, Bob Hays, said that these two new products were their way of demonstrating that they had confidence in their social casino platform to build a large player community.

Social Casino and Bingo Apps in the USA

Of course, in America online gambling for real money is quite a touchy subject with different states having their own gambling laws, with many outlawing casinos and online gambling. In response to this, many US players turn to social casino and bingo apps as it allows them to play games they enjoy, without actually gambling any real money. Therefore social bingo and casino games are completely legal.

Social bingo apps have proven to be incredibly popular to players in the last couple of years with latest figures putting the player base at 9.82 million. Although that may not seem like much, this is a 1.5 million increase from the figures shown in 2014, so it’s a considerable jump in players over a short space of time.

Are They a Good Way Around USA Real Money Gambling Laws?

Aside from providing tons of great content to players, social casinos and bingo apps are the best way around the US real money gambling laws for players.

As apps let players play with free credits for special game currency in return, players can’t withdraw or convert into real cash so are not wagering any money for the prospect of a cash return. This means social games fall under the classification of a basic video games, and are easily accessible for all those with an internet connection.

Social bingo apps can be played on social media so allow players to interact globally as well as nationally as they play a great game of bingo with the only change to regular games being the monetary factor.

Social Games Vs Real Money Games

If you’ve ever wanted to play these games you may notice that there is a large difference between social bingo games and real money games.

For example, social bingo apps are usually free to download and cost you nothing to play, so you can daub away on bingo cards or spin slots without ever having to worry about busting your bank account. They also allow for social interaction with your friends through Facebook and you can pick up rewards for inviting friends into games. These games are far more community focused, since there are no other incentives or rewards for playing.

Real money games on the other hand, are titles that are played for real cash, so you spin slots or daub cards with real cash you’ve placed in an attempt to get a return on your investment. They also tend to have a larger library of games to try out as well as unique bonuses.

So when it comes to getting your bingo fix, why not pick up a few social bingo apps and enjoy playing your favourite games for free!

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