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There is plenty of fun at online Bingo to have if you’re not attached to the adrenaline rush of wagering real cash. In fact, some of us feel a bit tired of that, to be frank, and from time to time it’s rather soothing to just play some great Bingo for the sake of the game.

Online bingo offers many more thrills, after all, than simply calling your card first and winning/losing cash. The community aspect of the Web-friendly version of the game — that alone, is worth our full attention with such treats as in-game chats and other social features.

Where to Have Fun

Some examples of what we’re talking about are BingoBlitz on Facebook,

‘buzzword bingo’ as native apps for your mobile, or GSN Bingo (which actually does give you the chance at winning cash and prizes).

TIP: Facebook is a hotbed for free, for-fun gaming. Don’t overlook a quick search for ‘games’ and ‘bingo’ — you will be amazed.

BingoBlitz has a certain cartoony charm — definitely one for the kid in you (and maybe even your kids, to0). There are slots on offer, as well. Of course, it’s all just for fun, and you are showered with free credits and ‘keys’ for unlocking stuff. This is social bingo, so you have all sorts of ways to be friendly with other Blitzers.

GSN Bingo inside Facebook has a more mature, much more polished look-and-feel, as well as the blockbuster theme, Wheel of Fortune Bingo. There are plenty of choices in light fun here – you’ll be reeling from it.

If you visit the GSN website, well, it’s a very slick operation. You’ve got live television bingo linked to your online games. And, there are cash prizes up for grabs. It’s like a bit of both worlds: a casual game experience, social features like friends and gifts, plus a pinch of excitement in your chance to win prizes or even cash. See No Deposit Bingo

The Realest Bingo is a Hoax

Buzzword bingo is an entire kind of bingo, which is also a kind of folklore performance. It’s a private humour event in a public setting at the expense of someone who is speaking in a predictable manner. Business meetings or even family gatherings are perfect stages for this little hoax.

Your bingo card can be a pre-printed paper or, since we’re all so high-tech now, it can be run as an app on your phone — this of course works better for office situations. Instead of the usual numberings you have jargon words your victim is likely to say.

You get the idea. When someone completes the grid, one is dared to yell out or deftly mention the word ‘bingo’ or ‘bullshit’ to complete the win and be everyone’s hero.

Buzzword bingo is the ultimate in for-fun-only bingo, since there is no cash involved (unless you want to make bets!) and it’s very social in nature.

We hope you find some great kicks playing for fun — bingo is flourishing into many new forms on the Web!

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