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This time we’re going to discuss a few interrelated things concerning a more do-it-yourself approach to a live bingo night. You don’t always have to be wired online!

  • Did you know that Bingo can be played with markers other than numbers? One very popular variant is to use the images of US Presidents.
  • Did you know that you can use anything you want for symbols, and even print your own bingo cards?

In fact, if you get really excited about bingo with a little American history mixed in, perhaps with your kids or for childish dinner parties, then you may actually want to bone up on your US History knowledge to prepare for competition.

We’re going to look at a few helpful apps that teach us presidential history, and then also some online services that allow you to print up those cards, or make your own.

Training: US Presidents

On the Google Play store you can find a classy app called U.S. Presidents. The backgrounds of game screens are a rich parchment paper and American flag. This handy app has learning modes as well as quiz functions. You will simply fall in love with its historical look and feel. This will get you well-prepared to rule the Presidents Bingo night.

There are also online interactives that can tutor you about the US government and its famous personages. One site is the World History Project at:


You can play this right inside your Web browser without downloading anything anywhere. We love its clean design, and you can’t beat its authority on the topic.

Next, you’ll want to simply head to (which is always a helpful place to go), to the Puzzles section, and then drill in for the US Presidents Trivia Quiz. It’s got five difficulty levels, with 11 questions in the expert mode.

Print Those Up Now!

Alright, on the main event: your own bingo cards, your own bingo nights! There are two great online services that can help you wind up with US Presidents-themed cards. Both actually allow you to design and have printed customized bingo cards. You can get a set of cards in styles from plants to Med School terms! and both do essentially the same thing. They both have free trials or you can pay to have some custom cards created by using the online system. You’ll get a limited set of cards to try, and then you can sign up for unlimited cards for around $30.00. You have a lifetime key to the online tools.

We think that Bingo has a lot of potential as a learning game, and certainly having sets of bingo cards at home is a great way to deal with the Great Recession. On the other hand, you can always dream up a theme for cards that would be fun for your friends after the kids have gone to sleep!

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