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US gambling operator Caesars Entertainment Corporation has not been having the best year so far. In a new blow for the company who suffered losses in Q1 and have had to close a gaming facility in New Jersey already this year, Caesars Entertainment Corporation has now been fined by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE).

The gambling authority for the state of New Jersey had to issue the exceptional $10,000 fine as Caesars Entertainment was found to have been sending promotional materials to people within the state who had previously voluntarily excluded themselves from online gambling. The self-exclusion list allows any citizens in New Jersey to sign up in order to voluntarily ban themselves from both playing in land based casinos or participating in any online gaming.

The exclusion is made on a sole state basis, however New Jersey regulations clearly state that any casinos or online gaming operators are prohibited from sending any unwarranted promotional materials to those who have signed up to this specific exclusion list.

The fine itself was issued to Caesars Interactive Entertainment, which is a subsidiary of the main brand, and related to the distribution of numerous different promotional materials sent out via email between Sunday 16th February and Wednesday 28th May. The unsolicited digital marketing materials were shockingly sent to more than 250 New Jersey citizens who had opted to be part of the self-exclusion list.

Unlike your average unsolicited inbox mail, there can actually be serious issues posed for players who receive this mail unwarranted. For example people may sign up to this specially created exclusion list as they have an addiction to gambling or are susceptible to relapsing into addictive behaviour. Others may be vulnerable and have other health issues to which gambling would only be a detrimental habit.

The $10,000 fine is surprisingly the first of its kind to be implemented by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement since the state voted to regulate online gaming just one year ago in November 2013.

However it hasn’t been all bad news for the gambling giant, as Caesars Entertainment Corporation has recently reported substantial growth in Q3. This is part of a larger trend which has exposed a year on year jump in revenue in the three months up to September. This recent fine will no doubt have a negative effect on the Q4 results but as things are looking positive for the company it shouldn’t have too much of an impact.

Here’s hoping the unsolicited players issue is now fully resolved and that those of us who enjoy gambling in a moderate fashion can continue to enjoy the great bingo, slots and table games the whole Caesars Entertainment Corporation provides online and in land based casinos not just in the state of New Jersey but across the whole of the US.

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