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The fact that a new kind of ‘gambling’ has arrived in the Facebook age — a softer and friendlier gambling perhaps — is probably coming to bear upon loosening laws in the US.

At the federal, the top-most level of decision-making, the country’s pending judgements now free states from the obligation to prosecute cash online gaming if it stays inside state lines (so that those states that do not allow gambling are not negatively impacted). In this situation, we may really see how the ‘united states’ can behave like small republics.

Softer, Friendlier

The fact is, though, that online gambling as opposed to land-based casinos seems to garner more tolerance. And social gaming, social gambling (which is redundant), on the Web, is all the more attractive somehow.

Maybe when players are networked with friends (with even family knowing that they play) they are more accountable and less likely to be problem gamblers? Or maybe it just seems that way now in the early days. For an even friendly way to play bingo, there are a few no deposit bingo sites out there, a great way to see if you like these great games.


With many news reports in recent years about video-game addictions among youth, especially in super modern Asian countries, it seems odd that a state like New York might overlook what dangers may lie in adult gaming. Online bingo and mobile casino are certainly known to be the most virulent and addictive ways to play such games.

As in most social situations, the movement toward legalization even in single states like New York will be stop and go, forward and backward, until all interested parties can live with the legal arrangements.

Stop and Go Traffic

New York appears to be courting this social experiment of making online-gambling entertainment widely available at the same time as Washington DC’s iGaming programme gets shot down by committee. It is not the best start for this new pastime, either, to find the smell of corruption in the nation’s capital (already!) surrounding its suspiciously premature overtures toward online gambling.

The fast rise and fall of online gambling in DC clears a nice path for New York State and the Big Apple to shoot ahead. New York will lead as an early adopter of the new right to collect tax revenues (mighty sums at that) from a perennially popular set of games — their demand is like a source of fiscal cold fusion during rough economic times. Currently, there are some good free bingo sites available and some excellent free bingo bonuses.

There Will Be Winners and Losers

Also, to boot, new state-run or regulated real-cash gaming services will necessarily create a new generation of nouveau riche! Time will tell how many nouveau-addicted or problem gamblers also evolve from this, on the other hand. New York State should be a very good test case — many other and less urbane states will be looking to New York, DC and California as role models and guinea pigs. If you can’t wait, check out some online sites that accept US players.

With New York’s striking success over the past decade with cleaning up the city, most dramatically Times Square, we wonder if it can keep online gambling clean enough for the long term.

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