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Ortiz Gaming is a relatively big name in the US gambling market, involved in many land based operations in casinos across the legalised gambling states. However in a new move, the company looks set to head into the interactive world and challenge the flailing online bingo world in the USA.

What do they want to do?

The plan for Ortiz Gaming is to enter the online bingo space in the USA. They plan to do this by introducing their lucrative technology to North American land-based casinos who can then become partners.

The brand has already established itself as a leading software supplier with land-based gaming for over 20 years. Throughout this period Ortiz provided electronic bingo and slot games to casino lobbies the world over, though only made their first steps into the US gaming and gambling market just 3 years ago.

Expanding into the online bingo market is simply the next big step in their expansion plan.

What can they provide?

Currently the OrtiZone and Bingotronic software solutions are primarily targeted towards land-based casinos in the USA, offering interactive play in-house. However the company intend to launch an iContent product which will first of all hit the European iGaming market.

iContent is made up of the entire compilation of the Ortiz Gaming library, which covers both bingo and slot games. This solution can be made available for numerous platforms, and can be integrated into any area. This means it has the ability to run on social, mobile and online platforms, as well as the option to integrate into custom lottery solutions.

This makes it a widespread and more logical offering for the US market. As different rules and regulations are in place in different states throughout the country, it enables Ortiz to offer interactive solutions in a catch all way. The states and brands which can legally offer online gaming will have the option to use the iContent solution to attract real money bingo and slot players, whilst those in gambling forbidden areas could potentially use this software to offer social gaming, offering bingo games which are just for fun with no exchange of cash.

Individual offerings

Although the wider plan for Ortiz is to expand with their offerings in a complete iContent package, the nature of this new solution means that brands can adopt just single games from the Ortiz library and add them to their own games suite in an online casino or bingo site. This means that we could start to see Ortiz gaming offerings cropping up in our existing and established US bingo sites.

What does this mean for players?

Players will certainly be the ones to benefit from this new software, with the potential for a mass of new games launched into the market. What it essentially will mean in the long term is new games on existing sites, and whole new sites offering the complete iContent package, spicing up the US online bingo market. As the software can also be applied to many devices we can look forward to playing on mobile devices in permitted jurisdictions too.

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