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If there’s one thing that really drives bingo players wild it’s having a huge jackpot prize to win.  As a result, lots of bingo sites offer various games with incredibly large jackpot prizes.

The types and size of jackpots available varies from site to site with some offering larger prizes than others.

Websites with the Biggest Jackpots

Rather than go through every single jackpot available from every single bingo website, we have collected only the best jackpots from a selection of what we consider to be the best bingo websites.


123Bingo Online regularly run Bingo games with jackpot prizes that can reach in excess of $2,000. They also run regular progressive jackpot Bingo matches at 8pm every day, if the prize isn’t won it rolls over into the next day, this continues until someone claims the colossal prize that it inevitably becomes.

Cyber Bingo:

Cyber Bingo also run progressive jackpot matches. Taking place in their Bingo Freeroll room the cash up for grabs in this room can often reach above $15,000. There’s also special matches that can provide players with jackpot prizes of up to $100,000 if they’re lucky.

New Bingo Billy:

New Bingo Bill keeps their jackpots a little more down to earth with most of their Bingo games having jackpots that barely break $500 in size.

A lot of these jackpots tend to be won on games with a high rate of RTP.

What Is RTP?

Although it may sound complicated RTP is actually a pretty straightforward concept.

It means Return to Player and is basically a percentage detailing how much a player will get in return from the money they invest into a game.

For example if a game had a 90% RTP and you made 100 $1 bets into that game, the most you would get back in return would be $90.

It’s pretty much the opposite of the house edge, so the lower the house edge is on a game, the higher the return to player will be.

A good tip for figuring out a game’s RTP is to check whether it’s new or not, since RTP is calculated across a games entire lifespan it’s almost constantly in flux. So newer games tend to have a higher RTP whilst older games have lower ones.

That’s why new games on websites tend to have such a high success rate, players flock to them to take advantage of the high RTP before it gets adjusted to compensate for all the cash prizes being given out.

Some of the Big Winners

It wouldn’t be fair to talk about the huge jackpot prizes without at least mentioning all the online bingo biggest Jackpot winners.

On 123bingoonline.com their member ‘OMGshewonagain’ landed herself a huge cash prize of $2,144.23 from one lucky game of Bingo. This is of course a small amount when you consider some of the larger jackpot games and progressives that they regularly run.

With Cyber Bingo their latest winner was user ‘KKnight’ who landed a huge $20,000 prize in one Bingo game. Finally there’s Bingo Billy’s big winners, since their prizes are a tad smaller their top winners rarely break above $100 unless it’s a special event taking place. The top winner for Bingo Billy was a user with the name ‘KATVECCHIONE’ who won a $75 prize in a game of bingo.


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