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If you’re playing bingo on US bingo sites then chances are that you’re playing the 75 ball bingo version. This is commonly known as US or American bingo, as it’s the one that most people associate with the country. Stick with us to learn all about how to play and how to win big on this bingo game.

Best 75 Ball Bingo Sites

If you want to get right down to playing this game, then these are our top places to play bingo online:

  • Billy Bingo – One of the newer online bingo sites out there, when you play here you’ll get a full selection of games at your disposal.
  • 123 Bingo – Check out the games here with a no deposit bonus of $25 to play with, just sign up and you’re ready to go.

See full terms and conditions on these sites.

The Basics

The basics of 75 ball bingo are really easy to get to grips with, even more so than 90 ball bingo. The cards are made in a 5 x 5 grid, filled with 25 numbers from 1 – 75. On most bingo sites, these will be randomised though others may give you the option to pick your lucky numbers.

When the numbers are called, the corresponding ones are marked off your card automatically. If you want to then you can also change the mode of the game to manual dabbing, allowing you to tick off the cards by yourself.

The winner of a 75 ball bingo game is the one that dabs off all their numbers in the correct pattern first. This could be any sort of pattern, it just depends on the game. In the past we’ve seen Olympic, summer and Halloween patterns thrown in the mix.

75 Ball Hints and Tips

Now that you know how to play bingo, you’ll want to know how you can win more often when you do. There are loads of hints and tips out there, ranging from common sense to super complicated theories.

Here are our common sense ones:

  • Playing on nickel and dime bingo games will allow you to buy more tickets without splashing out.
  • Look out for sites with bonus funds to play with.
  • Always ensure that a site is fair play tested before you start playing, otherwise you may be scammed out of money.
  • Look for rooms that are quieter or play at quieter times, less roomies means you have more chances to win.
  • Max out your bingo tickets for higher chances of winning, even if this means playing in cheaper rooms.

Beyond that, most wins that you’ll get from this game just come down to how lucky you are.


75 ball bingo is a game that suits any player, from the newbie right up to the bingo expert. With so many patterns and jackpots, it never gets boring to play these games online, just make sure that you do so safely. Then you can easily enjoy everything that these sites have to offer.

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