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Today we’re going to look at three top sites for American players to enjoy online bingo using a particularly great payment gateway, Moneybookers/Skrill. The reason that this way to pay is so super has to do with the fact that your identity is absolutely shielded from online vendors including bingo sites.

These three awesome bingo spots are all trustworthy, all the more so because they allow you to use Moneybookers. So, the reason we’re really highlighting them in association with your online bingo fix is all about convenience.

First let’s just be totally clear about why Moneybookers rocks. The closest payment service is PayPal, and there is one huge difference between them:

  • With PayPal, you connect your financial accounts to the system and then push or pull money as needed into your PayPal balance. That means you maintain yet another money balance. See Paypal bingo games

  • With Moneybookers, you do not connect accounts or maintain a new balance with the system. What happens is that your Moneybookers/Skrill identity or number acts as a firewall while using your normal accounts.

What this means is that when you pay with Moneybookers you could be using your own personalised normal credit card, or your bank debit account, but the system strips your identity and personal details away from the transaction. You’re anonymous, and safe.

Okay, lastly, let’s look at some bingo, why don’t we! Online bingo or casino is a bit tricky for American players because of the laws about ‘gambling’ on the Web for US citizens. That’s why selection of sites that allow Yanks is slim pickin’s.


Of the three we’re looking at now, 123- is probably the best (they’re all quite great) for the majority of players, simply because it has the clearest website design and layout. The other two are a bit slappy, but hey that’s probably because they know their customers.

123Bingo has great bonuses, too. How about $25 to join, then a 1500% cash match? Yes, that’s two zeros. 123 also gives you a bevy of fun features, such as: $25K Mega Raffle, 50 casino side-games, 90-ball .10 bingo, Trail of Gifts (TVs, iPads, etc), and lastly the 123Social experience (bingo + social networking).


17 years is an eternity in Web Time, and that’s how long CyberBingo has been serving up the bingo-fun for Americans. Over a million dollars has been paid out in that amount of time. One of the reasons is probably that it accepts Moneybookers.

Games are by VistaGaming. You get $5 to join, then top-up bonuses of 500%, 250%, and then 100% for re-deposits. Not bad! CyberBingo prides itself on friendly chat moderators.

 Vic’s Bingo

It’s a warm, cozy, sort of flirty bingo joint, and we like it a bunch. $25 free and 1,100% cash match on your first two deposits. That’s quite good, and we like how community-oriented the site is. You can also play casino games, and, of course, use Moneybookers to great effect here!

Want to know the best thing about Moneybookers-bingo? You get to withdraw your winnings with this service, too!

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